Welcome to City Project

Here at City Project we believe in the inherent goodness of what we do. Our one true belief is a business transaction is never a business transaction unless both sides feel good about it.

This simple statement is at the very heart of everything we do whether we are speaking to project developers or understanding clients sustainability needs. We will only move things forward if it is the next right thing to do for everyone.

We have access to the worlds most comprehensive portfolio of environmental assets, by speaking to one of our specially trained sustainability advisers we will be able to enlighten you in everything environmental and help you to invest in the most important asset we have – THE EARTH

Our vision is for the planet and its biodiversity to be conserved through financial incentives and the provision of development opportunities for people.

Our company aims at developing and marketing ecosystem services with emphasis on carbon dioxide offsets, forest conservation and renewable energy. Our company also advises governments and corporations to achieve sustainable development, with a main focus in Latin America.

Statement from the CEO Gregory Hall:

In a world of many disappointments I have never seen an opportunity for people to embrace in the world of carbon offsetting. From our wondrous reforestation projects in Brazil to the eventual retirement of sustainable credit units, this matrix structure is earth changing and will give people the hope of a brighter future with genuine good reasons and rightful financial rewards enabling them in the lifestyle they choose to lead.